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Corporeal Beast Molnly10

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 Corporeal Beast

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PostSubject: Corporeal Beast   Corporeal Beast EmptyThu Aug 04, 2011 8:14 pm

Corporeal Beast

Corporeal Beast Copore10

Once Summers end Quest is done you are able to teleport using the game ammy to corporeal and will not need to go inside the wildy becareful not to exit the cave once teleported to coporeal player pkers can kill you if you exit cave and will put you at risk of losing items.

Corporeal Beast warning Message.
The Beast resides in the caves north of the ruined farms in the Wilderness, in the final room. If players have not completed Summer's End, they will see a caved in version of the cave entrance.

Getting there

The Dark Energy Core, summoned by the Corporeal Beast The easiest way to get to the Corporeal beast to teleport there using a Games Necklace, using the "Corporeal beast" option and then walk through the caves to the third, final room.

Beast attacks

The beast's attacks are:
1.A translucent ball of energy propelled at a player (magic based). This will deal up to 550 life points without prayer and will drain a player's Magic, Prayer or Summoning level by a small amount. If the attack tries to drain a stat that is already at zero, the attack will instead drain life points.
2.A more powerful, magic-based spiky blast of energy. This can deal up to 650 life points.
3.An attack that looks like a flying claw. This targets a location on the ground, rather than a player. If players move out of the way before it lands, the first Claw will not deal any damage. Once this lands, however, it will fire off four smaller Claws. These attacks will deal up to 400 life points individually; this is slightly reduced by Protect from Magic.
4.The beast also has a single-target melee attack which hits up to 513. It can be blocked completely by Protect from Melee, although using this prayer makes the other attacks more dangerous. It will only use this attack when standing next to the target player. This attack usually looks like a sweep with his arms. Sometimes (often if you're standing near the corner of the Corporeal beast), the attack looks like a slap.
5.The beast will sometimes summon a Dark Energy Core. It is level 75, and has 250 life points. If it's not stunned (using Emerald bolts (e)), it will deal damage to all players standing within one square of it for 50 to 100 life points about every half second. Any damage this deals also heals the Beast.
6.The beast was given a stomp attack that damages players standing underneath it. This attack cannot be blocked by Protect from Melee, and deals up to 513 life points. Players can run out of his range of stomping so that they cannot be attacked, but this is hard to do. Vengeance is not activated by this attack.

Its attacks will always follow through to the area outside the passage if already discharged, even when players leave. However, if the beast kills you outside the main area, you will be granted a gravestone upon death.


Finding a team
If you need a team to fight the Corporeal beast, you should have a look at the official RuneScape Forums, at the Teamwork section.

Pro teams

Characteristics of a pro team (5-6 players) are (quoted phrases describe the used terms at recruitment posts / the battle):
1.Overload potion ("Ovl")
2.Turmoil prayer ("Turm")
4.Team banking ("Sync banking" = "Synchronous banking", banking together with the team)
5.Brew sharing (sharing Saradomin brews (and super restore potions) with team members).
"Bcs?" = "Brew counts?" = "How many Saradomin brews do you have?"
"Bc 10" = "Brew count 10" = "I have got 10 Saradomin brew(4) remaining."
6.A secondary Special attack weapon: Bandos godsword, Statius's warhammer or a Barrelchest Anchor ("BGS/SWH/ANCHOR")
7.One of the players is the "Stunner", who takes a mithril crossbow, and use Leech Defence+Leech magic. When the Dark core appears, (s)he should equip the mithril crossbow, adjust the attack style to "Rapid", and stun it. If the Dark core isn't stunned in 1-2 attempts, the player(s) near the Dark core should run away from the spot. If the core is stunned, one of the team members should stay near it.
8."No welfare equipment", "Pro gear" (no exceptions):
■Helm of neitiznot / Fighter hat
■Amulet of fury
■Emerald bolts (e) stunner only
■Karil's leathertop
■Karil's skirt
■Dragon boots
■Zamorakian spear ("ZS") / Vesta's spear ("VS")
■Ardougne cloak 3 / Ardougne cloak 4 / Fire cape
■RFD "Barrow gloves"
■Onyx ring (i), Dragonstone ring (i), Berserker ring (i), Berserker ring, Diamond ring (i), Ring of wealth
Not a ring of life (anyone who is caught using a Ring of life will often be kicked immediately. This depends on the leader. Some Pro teams that use Coinshare or Lootshare accept a Ring of Life as long as all other equipment requirements are at least matched.)

FFA/free for all teams

A common style of boss hunting, and thus also used at Corporeal beast. FFA simply implies that no Lootshare is used whatsoever, which means that the player who does the most damage to the beast gets the drop, just like it was before Lootshare came out. This format is popular because it allows an equal chance at a sigil, not affected by Lootshare points. Getting a sigil this way is also 'free' as it does not tax you with a huge drain on your Lootshare points. On the other hand it is also very random and you may never get a sigil as you do not benefit of other people's sigil drops (whereas in LS you would receive Lootshare points).

FFA teams usually allow different equipment than regular/pro teams, as dealing lots of damage is important to get kills, in this case. There are three types of FFA teams:
■No restrictions: You may bring whatever you wish to increase your chance at doing the most damage and getting a drop. Commonly used equipment involves the Vesta's spear, Void knight equipment (melee) or Bandos armour.
■Hides only: You are only allowed to use Black dragonhide armour or karil's and the Zamorakian spear. Bandos armour is forbidden along with PvP gear such as Vesta's spear.
■No PvP: Similar to no restrictions, but no Vesta's spear.

Other teams

"Small" teams have a size of 7-10 players, and often require either Turmoil, or extreme potions.

Another common team setup is called a "Mass". These teams usually have low requirements. If you have decent levels and equipment, you shouldn't join Mass teams, unless you have a high amount of Lootshare points, since mass teams are large in size (a mass with 10+ players is common), resulting in a small chance of loot. A higher amount Lootshare points increases your chance on loot.

Before you want to take part in a team, you should be familiar with the following phrases:
■HP rule, "Hitpoints rule": Don't enter the Corporeal beast's lair if his lifepoints are below half. Anyone who disregards this rule is called a "Leecher", and will be kicked.
■"Tank the core": A stunned core should be accompanied by at least one player, to prevent releasing it.
■Crashing, crashers: Expelling another team to take over the location.

The meaning of other phrases and abbreviations may be available at the Slang dictionary.

Killing tactics

Starting off
■Once your team is assembled outside the Corporeal Beast's lair, peek inside to see if any teams are already there (e.g. by using the Peak-in rightclick option at the entrance)
■If you are using LootShare, check if it's active and if the Coinshare option is adjusted to your wishes. Only the clan owner can adjust the Coinshare option. Sometimes, you'll get the message that Coinshare is turned on, although it's turned off. This bug sometimes occurs, and has yet to be fixed.
■The only useful magic spells are Lunar Spells: Vengeance and Energy Transfer. The abbreviation for Energy transfer is "Xfer", and recommended if your team possesses a Statius's warhammer.
■Protect from Magic or Deflect Magic does not completely reduce the damage dealt by the magic splash attack. Protect from Melee / Deflect Melee does reduce the melee damage by 100%.

Note: It is best that you do not bring Summoning familiars due to the fact that the beast may devour their souls. Since a hidden update at 1 February 2011, BoB items are disappearing after 120 seconds instead of 300, making these kind of familiars basically obsolete.


A strategy that can be used is called the Lure Method. Players gather outside the entrance to the lair, where the beast cannot attack them. One player enters and exits the cave, luring the Corporeal beast to the entrance. When the Corporeal beast walks to the entrance, the player should run north, to get the Corporeal beast at the northwestern corner, in order to clear entry for team members. If this step is omitted, team members can be stomped as they enter.
The Corporeal Beast. After the lure, the team members should enter and spread around the Corporeal beast before attacking. Teams which aren't very strong can use this method combined with running when tanking: If the Corporeal beast targets you, run outside the cave to prevent further damage. However, this results in slower kills due to the movement of players (when you're running, you can't fight).

The formation

■Don't stand too close to each other. The Claw attack will hit an area around where it lands, so spreading out will make this attack hit fewer people.
■Warriors should form a ring around the beast, while rangers or mages should scatter, a few squares away of the ring of warriors.
■After the Corporeal beast has died, stand around the spawn location of the beast.

Prayers (warriors)

Quick prayer (standard): Protect items + Protect from melee + Piety
Quick prayer (curses): Protect items + Deflect melee + Turmoil (+ Berserker if using Extreme potions)
Dependent on the amount of players in a world, the Corporeal beast spawns after ~1 minute. If the world is busy, the respawn time is shorter. If the Corporeal beast is about to respawn, turn Quick prayer ON. If the Corporeal beast does not attack you, switch to the Magic protection prayer. If you lost some life points, you can use the Soul Split curse to heal yourself. If the Corporeal beast targets you, you should turn on the Melee protection prayer. If you're very skilled, you can flash Soul Split and Deflect melee while you're tanking. Stunners should use Leech defence and Leech magic instead of Turmoil. Leech defence lowers the defence of the Corporeal beast, allowing your team to hit more accurately. Leech magic reduces the Magic skill of the Corporeal beast, resulting in a weaker Magic attack.

Prayers (rangers)

Quick prayer (modern): Protect items + Protect from magic + Eagle eye/rigour + Steel skin
Quick prayer (curses): Protect items + Deflect magic + Leech ranged + Leech defence + Leech magic (+ Berserker, if using an (extreme) ranging potion).
Rangers are not standing within the melee range of the Corporeal beast, and should therefore only worry about the magic attacks. The Corporeal beast will nearly always attack you if you're hitting with the Ruby bolts (e) effect.

Stunning the dark core

The Corporeal beast often summons a Dark energy core, which should be stunned using emerald bolts (e) and a Mithril crossbow. Stunning is necessary to prevent getting hit by the Dark core. An unstunned core will jump to a player, and jump again if the player moves away. When the Dark core has landed, all players near it will get hit ~80 very fast. A successful stunning attempt can be identified by an appearing green smoke. A good team should always have ONE good stunner. Multiple active stunners are definitely not recommended, because together the core will not only be stunned, but also killed. After the Dark core is killed, the Corporeal beast may summon another one. When the core is stunned, someone should "tank" it, by standing near the dark core. If no-one is standing near the Dark core, the core will be freed and jumps again.

Solo Method

The Corporeal Beast is considered nearly impossible to solo. However, using the right method, it is possible to solo the beast. Soloing is basically possible at any combat level if you have access to Overload and Turmoil (and Soul split). These players may also use the Statius's warhammer to lower the defence of the beast.


A busy corporeal beast massacre A massacre, commonly abbreviated to "mass", entails players grouping in large teams (20-100). Players can also bring cannons, which harm the beast and kill the core. Having so many players will allow the team to kill the beast in as little as 4 seconds.

The En Masse Strategy

This strategy is incredibly hard to pull off because of the large amount of people needed, but is also incredibly simple. Gather a group of 250 people with at least 60 Ranged. Equip each of them with a Dark bow and at least two (2) dragon arrows. Then simply have each of them fire one special attack at the beast. Because of the minimum damage of the Dark bow special (80-80 normally for Dragon arrows, reduced to 40-40 on the corporeal beast) and the massive amounts of people attacking, this strategy is a guaranteed one-hit kill. However, this would reap little reward because of the large amounts of people. Still, it is often done for the entertainment value of killing the Beast in one hit.

Equipment and inventory setup

The Corporeal Beast can only be attacked normally by spears (using Stab style only) or magic. All of the other weapons will suffer a 50% damage reduction. The only effective main weapons are the Zamorakian spear and Vesta's spear. A Chaotic rapier with a Divine spirit shield is also very effective, despite the 50% damage reduction.

Magic combat spells are too weak and inaccurate to be useful. Damage dealt by ranged is also halved; the only useful ranging method is an accurate crossbow using Ruby bolts (e).

Special attack weapons

Special attacks should be used if available. Using a Ring of Vigour reduces the needed special attack energy by 10%. The only weapons with a useful special attack (SA) are:
■Statius's Warhammer (SWH) - Needs 35% SA energy; Any hit reduces the current defence by 30%.
■Bandos Godsword (BGS) - 100% SA energy, drains defence by 10% of the damage dealt. The maximum hit of the BGS on the Corporeal beast is around 400.
■Darklight (DL) - Needs 50% SA energy; any hit reduces the current defence by 5%.
■Barrelchest anchor - Needs 50% SA energy; doubles the chance of hitting and will lower the opponent's Defence, Attack, Strength or Magic level by 1% of the damage inflicted.
■Dragon Halberd - Despite the 50% damage reduction, the special hits twice on the Beast (only effective when the defence is severely drained; Only recommended in a team with a SWH)
■Bone dagger (p++) - Uses 75% SA energy, and is the weakest, most inaccurate defence draining weapon, further weakened by the 50% damage reduction. Only use this weapon if you don't have any other special attack weapons.


Since the possibility of death is high, it is best to bring only what you need to fight, and little more. Equipment should be chosen with bearing Magic defence in mind. In FFA teams, you can bring an equipment, aimed at a high attack bonuses to increase your accuracy, thus increasing the chance of getting loot.

Equipment for warriors

Good equipment is boldfaced
■Main weapon: Zamorakian spear, Vesta's spear, Dragon spear(p++)
■Special attack weapon: Statius's warhammer, Bandos Godsword, Barrelchest anchor, Darklight, Bone dagger (p++)
■Headwear: Fighter hat, Helm of neitiznot, Torva helm
■Neckwear: Amulet of fury, Amulet of glory
■Cape: Completionist cape, Max cape, Fire cape, Ardougne cloak 3/4, Soul Wars cape
■Ammunition: Emerald bolts (e) (only if you're stunner)
■Body: Pernix body, Virtus robe top, Morrigan's leather body, Karil's top, Black d'hide body, Bandos chestplate (only in large teams)
■Legwear: Pernix chaps, Virtus robe legs Morrigan's Chaps, Karil's skirt, Black d'hide chaps, Bandos tassets (only in large teams)
■Footwear: Dragon boots
■Gloves: Gloves (barrows)
■Ring: Onyx ring (i), Berserker ring (i), Berserker ring, Ring of vigour

Note: Do NOT bring a Ring of life, as this will get you kicked from most teams.
■Full Void knight equipment (melee) may be a good option in large teams, such as FFA or masses.
■Note: All non-spear weapons will suffer from a 50% damage reduction.
■Note: The Lifepoints boosting effect of the Virtus robes make up for the lower magic defence, when compared to Karil's. Also, unlike Pernix, Virtus doesn't lower the offensive melee bonuses, which makes it more desirable, and used by higher level teams.


Due to the Corporeal Beast's damage reduction against all non-spear stabbing attacks, all ranged damage will be reduced by 50%. This has been proven through the use of the Dark bow's special attack, which hits a minimum of 25-25 against the beast instead of the normal 50-50 (40-40 instead of the normal 80-80 with dragon arrows).

The special effect of Ruby bolts (e) are capable of dealing up to 1000 damage. This is a fairly rare occurrence though, because a spear is the only effective weapon. If a team still wants an archer, let him be a pro stunner. A bad stunner or multiple active stunners are a pain for a team: A bad stunner cannot deal with the Dark energy core properly, while multiple stunners will only kill the Dark energy core. But, if a ranger has done the Elite Seers Tasks, they can still do decent damage. Ruby bolts (e) will have a 9% (compared to 6% without Elite Seers Tasks, which make an enchanted bolt's effect 50% more likely to happen) chance to hit 1000. This means about 1/10 of a ranger's shots will be an enchanted bolt effect. Not bad, but melee is by far a better idea.


The Corporeal Beast is one of the few bosses that the Dwarf Multicannon can be used against, though the maximum hit of a cannonball is limited to 80. The cannon is only effective if the defence of the Corporeal beast is severely drained. Only Mass teams, Free For All teams and soloists are using the cannon.

Equipment for archers
■Weapon: Chaotic crossbow, Rune crossbow
■Shield: Divine spirit shield, Elysian spirit shield, Eagle-eye kiteshield, Spectral spirit shield
■Headwear: Morrigan's coif, Pernix cowl, Armadyl helm, Blessed dragonhide coif, Archer helm, Helm of Neitiznot, Karil's coif
■Neckwear: Amulet of Ranging, Amulet of fury
■Cape: Completionist cape, Ava's alerter, Ava's accumulator, Ava's attractor
■Ammunition: Ruby bolts (e), Emerald bolts (e) (stunning)
■Body: Morrigan's leather body, Pernix body, Armadyl chestplate, Karil's leathertop, Black d'hide body
■Legwear: Morrigan's leather chaps, Pernix chaps, Armadyl plateskirt, Karil's leatherskirt, Black d'hide chaps
■Footwear: Ranger boots, Snakeskin boots
■Ring: Archers' ring (i), Onyx ring (i), Archers' ring


Pro teams:
■2 Overload potions
■6-8 Super restore potion
■Statius's warhammer / Bandos Godsword / Darklight / Barrelchest anchor
■15-18 Saradomin brew potions
■Games necklace
■Mithril crossbow (only if you're the stunner)

Other teams

Main inventory
■Food: High-healing food, such as Sharks or Rocktails. Saradomin brews are the best choice, especially if you've got access to Overload potions. If you don't have Overload potions, you should also take some (Super) restore potions to restore drained stats manually.
■Prayer restoring potions: Prayer potions, Super restore potions (this potion will also restore drained skill stats)
■Stat boosting potions: Super/Extreme Attack, strength and defence potions for warriors; (extreme) Ranging and defence potions for rangers
■A Games necklace for teleporting to Corporeal Beast.
■A useful special attack weapon (look ahead)
■One-click teleport: Teleport tablets (Recommended Teleport to House Tab - house altar can be used to recharge prayer and if you die, you will be teleported outside your POH), unnecessary if you're equipped with an Ardougne cloak, an amulet of glory, a games necklace, a duelling ring or a ring of wealth.

■Mithril crossbow (only if you're the stunner without an equipped crossbow)
■Cannonballs (only if you're using a cannon)
■Astral, law, nature runes (Energy transfer)
■Astral, death, earth runes (Vengeance, Vengeance group)
■Astral, body, cosmic runes (Stat spy, when a mass leader have to check whether his team members are using potions or not)
■Recover special potions (faster special attack restoration)
■Healing aura scrolls and additional Unicorn stallion pouches. Only in very large teams, like FFA and masses.
■Dragon defender, if you want to increase your accuracy when using a Statius's warhammer / Darklight.

■The Vengeance spell deals large amounts of damage and will not miss. Vengeance is best used in larger teams where inventory space is not at such a premium for every member.
■The Corporeal beast can devour Summoning familiars, in the same way in which players can dismiss their followers. Any items which your familiar is carrying will be placed at the floor, remaining 2 minutes.
■Try and let your team know in advance if you need to bank. Going from a 5- to 4-man team for a kill incurs a significant increase in food/brew consumption.
■Important: It is highly recommended to have a stock of at least one Games Necklace, because if you die you can go back to retrieve your items quickly.
■A Ring of Life or Phoenix necklace generally don't merit use at the Beast. They require that you not equip a more useful combat item in that slot and rarely prove useful enough to justify this; the Beast's attacks are very likely to deal more than 200 damage at once, in which case neither item will activate.
■If killed by the Stomp attack, the Retribution or Wrath prayer will not activate.

Corporeal Beast Monkey22

Corporeal Beast Monkey23

"Uncuts" drop

The "uncuts" drop is an uncommon drop, which is always consisting of an uncut gem and one or more of the following:

Corporeal Beast Monkey24

Show the additonal drops of the rare drop table

Corporeal Beast Monkey25

Although the Corporeal beast does not have a reference to the Rare Drop Table, there is an extremely small chance of an "Additional items from the RDT" drop, introduced at the Ring of Wealth update. This drop can only occur in combination with the "Uncuts" drop, and does not necessary require a Ring of Wealth. This drop can even be received through LootShare.

Weapons and armour

Corporeal Beast Monkey26

Essence and runes

Corporeal Beast Monkey27

Ores, bars and wood

Corporeal Beast Monkey28

Secondaries and seed

Corporeal Beast Monkey29


The Ring of wealth does not work when LootShare is activated. The following phrases are only applicable at Solo and FFA. A Clue scroll is a main drop, i.e. you cannot get a Clue scroll and Coins. An equipped Ring of wealth will always shine when the Corporeal beast is killed, shining even twice when a Clue scroll is dropped, or if the uncut drop occurs.

Corporeal Beast Monkey30

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Corporeal Beast
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