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 Jagex Game Studio, knowledge word dictionary.

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PostSubject: Jagex Game Studio, knowledge word dictionary.   Sun Aug 07, 2011 1:46 pm

Jagex Game Studio Knowledge Player Dictionary


Abby - Abyssal
AC - Anticrash
Addy - Adamantite
AFAIK - As far as I know
AFK - Away from keyboard
Agil - Agility
AKA - Also known as
Alch - Alchemy
Ammy - Amulet
Ancients - Ancient Magicks spell list
Anti - Anti-poison potion
Ardy - Ardougne
ASAP - As soon as possible
Atk - Attack
ATM - At the moment


Barb - Barbarian
Baxe - Battleaxe
BBL - Be back later
B bone - Big bone
Bpb - Bandos platebody
BBS - Be back soon
Brassy - Verac's brassard (Armour)
BRB - Be right back
BS - Bow strings
B sale - Bank sale
BTS - Be there soon
BTW - By the way


Calc - Calculator
Cammy - Camelot
Camo - Camouflage items from Drill Sergeant Random Event
Comp - Completion cape
Cav - Cavalier hat
CB - Combat
Chain - Chainmail
Choob - Joke word for a high level who acts like a noob
Clue - Clue scroll
Cluer - Someone who enjoys and partakes in solving clue scrolls on a regular basis
CS - Customer support/Clue scroll
Ctrl - Control
CW - Castle Wars/Clan wars


D - Dragon
D2H - Dragon two-handed sword
Dag - Dagannoth
D axe - Dragon hatchet
D bone - Dragon bone
DD - Dragon dagger
DD+ - Dragon dagger extra poison
DDP - Dragon dagger poisoned
DDS - Dragon dagger super poison
Death dot - A group of players standing on the same spot to hide their numbers, particularly in the Wilderness
Def - Defence
Dh - Dharok
D hide - Dragon hide
DIY - Do it yourself
DK - Dagannoth King
D long - Dragon longsword
DM - Deathmatch
Drop rate - Chance of a monster dropping a specific item
DS - Dragon spear
DS+ - Dragon spear extra poison
* Scimmy - Dragon scimitar
DSP - Dragon spear poisoned
DSS - Dragon spear super poison
Dusties - Dust devils
DW - Don't worry


Ea - Each
Edge - Edgeville
EEK - Eagle Eye Kite
Emote - Emotion
Ess - Rune essence
Etc - Etceteria/et cetera
Exp - Experience point


F2P - Non-members (Free to Play)
Fally - Falador
FAQ - Frequently asked questions
Farcasting - Using magic to attacking opponents from far away, usually before they have even seen you
FC - Firecape or Friends Chat
FM - Firemaking
FMod - Forum moderator
Fremmy - Fremennik
Froob - Noob so new that they haven't left Lumbr
Full - Complete set (e.g. full dragon)
Funning - Duelling for fun - rules and no stake
FYI - For your information


G axe - Dharok's great axe
GB - Group Bank
GG - Good game
GJ - Good job
GL - Good luck
Glory - Amulet of glory
GMT - Greenwich mean time
GP - Gold pieces
Gr8 - Great
Gr8 ax - Dharok's great axe
Gratz - Congratulations
GTG/G2G - Got to go


Hally - Halberd
HAM - Humans Against Monsters
Hatchet - Woodcutting axe
Hax - Hack/To cheat (generally used as a joke)
Helm - Helmet
Herby - Herblore
Hits/HP - Life points
Honour PKing - Conducting a PvP fight with rules to make it 'close to real life' - e.g. no teles, prayers, potions, etc
Hybrid - When a player uses multiple attack styles (magic/ranged/melee) during a fight


ID - Identity/Identify
IDC - I don't care
IDK - I don't know
IMO - In my opinion
IRL - In real life


Jad - TzTok-Jad
Jagex - Just About the Gaming Experience
JK - Just kidding
JMod - Jagex moderator


K - Okay or 1000 (e.g. 10k=10000)
KB - Knowledge Base (Game Guide)
KBD - King Black Dragon
Kite - Kite shield
Kk - Okay
KQ- Kalphite Queen


L8er - Later/See you later
Lag - Slow or unreliable internet connection
Large - Full helmet
Law - Law rune
Legs - Platelegs
Lesser - Lesser demon
Limps - Limpwurt roots
Lob/Lobby - Lobster
Lol - Laugh out loud
Long - Longsword/Longbow
LTNS - Long time, no see
Lumby - Lumbridge
Lure - Monster trying to fight a player will others recover loots upon death or helping a player out.
Luring - Deceiving another player into a dangerous area in order to kill them and loot their drops
Lvl - Level

M/Mil - Million
M8 - Mate
Mage - Magician
Magi - Magicians
Maul - Granite maul or TzHaar maul
Maxed - When a stat has reached level 99 (e.g. maxed str)
Max hit - Largest amount of damage you can do
MD - Melee Distance
Msg - Message


Nat - Nature rune
NB - Not bad
Newb - New player
NFS - Not for sale
Noob - New player
NP - No problem
NPC - Non-player character
Nrg - Energy
NTY - No thank you
Nvm - Never mind


Obby - Obsidian, as in TzHaar items
OMG - Oh my gosh
OMW - On my way
Owned - Kill something with ease


P2P - Member (Pay to Play)
Phat - Partyhat
PJing - Pile jumping is when one player attacks another who is unprepared (i.e. has just finished fighting someone else)
PK(er) - Player kill(er)
Plate/Pl8 - Platemail and legs/skirt
Plz - Please
PM - Private message
PMod - Player moderator
POH - Player-owned houses
Pot - Potion
Potter - Someone who uses potions to fight
Ppl - People
Pray - Prayer
Pure - Someone who trains only one skill


QC - Quick Chat
QP - Quest points


R2H - Rune two-handed sword
RCB - RuneCross Bow
RC(ing) - Runecrafting
RFD - Recipe for Disaster
RL - Real life
Robin - Robin Hood hat
ROFL - Rolling on floor laughing
ROL - Ring of life
ROW - Ring of wealth
RS - RuneScape
RS2 - RuneScape 2
RSC - RuneScape Classic
Rushing - To rush out from a safe area into PvP combat with another player (typically Ice Barrage followed by special attacks)

Safing - Eating early before the 'KO' point, generally regarded as before reaching 25-50% of max life points
Santa - Santa Claus/Santa hat
Saph - Sapphire
Sara - Saradomin
Scimmy - Scimitar
Seers - Seers' Village
Shilo - Shilo Village
Short - Shortsword/Shortbow
Skirt - Plateskirt
Skulled - skull is earned by attacking players in wilderness if skulled you lose all items or entering the Abyss
Spec - Special attack
Sq - Square shield
Sol - Staff of light
SS - Sara Sword
Ss - Soul Split
Sss - Spectral Spirit Shield
Str - Strength
Super sets - Super Attack potion, super Defence potion, super Strength potion
Swordy - Swordfish


Tally - Talisman
Tasset - Bandos Tasset
TBH - To be honest
Teh - The
Tele - Teleport
Thx/Thnx - Thanks
Total - Total level
TT - Treasure Trail
TTFN - Ta ta for now
TTYL - Talk to you later
TY - Thank you
TYVM - Thank you very much


Ur - You're/Your


Vambraces - V Brassy - Verac's brassard (Armour)
Venging - Using the Vengeance prayer in PvP combat


W/O - Without
WB - Welcome back
WC(ing) - Woodcutting
Wealth - Ring of wealth
Wgs - While Guthix Sleeps (quest)
Whip - Abyssal whip
Wildy - Wilderness
WOM - Wise Old Man
Woot - Woohoo!
WP - Wrong person


X-bow - Crossbow
Xmas - Christmas
XP - Experience points


Y? - Why?
YW - You're welcome


Zammy - Zamorak
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Jagex Game Studio, knowledge word dictionary.
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